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Larry Brooks is the creator of, an award-winning fiction writing website since 2009.


He is also the author of three bestselling writing craft books, including Story Engineering, recently named by Signature Reads as one of the "27 Best Writing Books" on the planet.


A USA Today bestselling novelist, he teaches writing workshops at conferences nationally and internationally.


He and his wife Laura, an artist working in oils and acrylics, live in Scottsdale, Arizona.


In addition to writing and teaching for over three decades, Larry was a partner in a corporate marketing and training communications agency.  Prior to that, he had stints as a personnel manager, a stockbroker and a professional baseball player... all of which, he says, led him to the blank page as a constant source of opportunity.

Larry Brooks is a writing teacher. Not a tweed jacket with a pipe kind of writing teacher (no disrespect), more like a contrarian literary evangelist you can find in the hotel gym between workshops.
He's also a critically-acclaimed novelist, a bestselling author of writing craft books, and a noted blogger in the fiction writing niche.
The more writing workshops you've been to, the more writing books and blogs you've read, yet remain unsure and less than confident, the more his approach and style will make sense to you.
    "This is what you wish someone had told you - had            actually taught you - when you were starting out."

The Storyfix Virtual Classroom is an evolution of his three decades of clarifying, organizing, compartment-alizing and explaining various facets of story architecture and the myriads processes from which it emerges.


"Too often," he says, "writing is taught without a differentiation between process and the criteria for outcome, when in fact it is often process that limits - or liberates - a writer's access to the best available story."


That, and a keen awareness of the principles of storytelling craft and the criteria that converge to establish its effectiveness.


The training modules that comprise this suite of topic-focused videos adopt a criteria-driven, context-dependent learning perspective that illuminates all facets of the available story elements and essences. A story is always a sum of those parts, yet only in rare cases does it become a sum in excess of those parts. Getting to that point is the magic we seek, and the ultimate goal of these virtual classroom experiences.




 Who is Larry Brooks, and why should you care?  

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